RollRun – A Review of an App from Across the Pond

Why am I reviewing a company based in Scotland? Well, it’s important to keep informed of what’s going on in the rest of the world so we can all learn from one another. So let’s see what the legal technologists in Scotland are up to…

What is RollRun?

RollRun is a web app that allows you to get instant notifications when your case is on the court agenda or docket.

How RollRun Works

Persuading someone that RollRun will save them time and money is easy, but pursuading someone to change their habits is much more difficult, especially if there’s a steep learning curve. So how hard is it to use RollRun? I took it for a test drive:

Step 1: Go to

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.03.38 PM

Step 2: Sign up or Log In

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.22.31 PM

Step 4: Click on the + sign to add a search term (i.e. client’s name, opposing side’s name, your friend’s name.. just kidding)

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.20.43 PM

Step 5: Add your search term, email and check off the courts you want to track

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.20.53 PM

Step 5: Click “Add my Term” and Done!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.21.36 PM

Well that was easy! Sign me up!

Who are the Founders?

RollRun has one team member and founder, the one and only: Ruairidh Wynne-McHardy.

Ruairidh is a trainee solicitor with a top-tier commercial law firm in Scotland. That means he’s done with law school, but as is required in Scotland, he’s working as a junior lawyer for two years before being fully qualified.

Before he became a trainee solicitor, Ruairidh played around with starting a social networking site for teens living abroad (he moved to France when he was 14), and also taught himself to program in his teens. See what happens when lawyers learn how to code? They develop great products that help all of us. (See my previous post on 5 Reasons Lawyers Should Learn to Code!)

Why RollRun?

Like most founders, Ruairidh wanted to solve his own problem. When he was working in his firm’s litigation department, he would do his usual work and then needed to check against a really long watchlist on the court’s site. This was done by copying and pasting names into the browser search bar and took ages. It was an obvious choice for automation.

If he was having this problem as a trainee, then majority of law firms would be experiencing the same problem as well. He saw a potential in legal tech and decided to get involved.

Goals of the Product

Ruairidh’s goal is for the majority of law firms in Scotland to use RollRun. He is currently expanding the system to work in the English and Welsh courts,  and is planning on bringing it to the USA too.

**Note on the US courts: Some court systems already have alert systems that provide updates on your case, but I am not sure they are as efficient as RollRun. For instance, in Illinois (my original jurisdiction), a lawyer has to subscribe to each county’s court docket, and some do not even have a notification system in place. A product like RollRun would come in handy as it could cover multiple counties on one platform. 


RollRun appeals to law firms of any size, from a one-man band to multinationals. RollRun can also be used by companies who are worried  about litigation, and newspapers who search court lists for certain names.

The Marketing Strategy

To Ruairidh’s advantage, lawyers like to talk and word spreads quickly, which helps promote RollRun to the industry. However, Ruairidh is also a big Twitter fan, so follow him and RollRun here.

Key Features

My biggest criticism of some of the legal tech products is that they are really hard to use and implement and can only be used by a small portion of the legal industry. However, RollRun is:

  • Easy to use;
  • Available on all devices;
  • Secure (see below); and
  • Usable by firms of any size!


The only information collected by RollRun is the user’s email when he/she signs up, but those, as well as any search terms, are all secure. Connections are encrypted, and RollRun stores details securely and is coded to industry standards.

Rating Scale

So it’s an easy to use app that saves time and money. But how does it rate on my Rating Scale?

UX – Ease of Use

5 – So easy to use, a 5-year-old can use it

4 – Good with minor improvements needed

3 – Needs some work

2 – Needs a lot of work

1 – I can’t use it

UI – Appearance

5 – This looks amazing. Clean lines. Legible. Organized.

4 – Looks great. Minor corrections needed

3 – Needs some work, but functions well

2 – Needs a makeover

1 – Too messy. Makes it difficult to use and understand.

Frequency of Use by Intended Users

5 – I need this every day

4 – I use it most days

3 – I use it as I need it

2 – I’ll use it a few times this year

1 – I’ll never use it

Entertainment Value

5 – Love it, can’t put it down. Tons of features.

4 – Keeps me interested most of the time. Has some good features.

3 – Not a whole lot to explore or keep me interested.

2 – I don’t hate it

1 – Yup, I hate it

You know you’d keep tabs on some interesting people and companies with RollRun. That’s pure entertainment right there. 


5 – So disruptive, a lawsuit or angry publication is in your future

4 – You solved a problem and made someone angry

3 – Solves a problem, but not groundbreaking

2 – There may be something to it, but not quite sure

1 – Doesn’t really stand out or solve any problems

Note: What would make this a 4 or a 5 is if the dates automatically integrated with my calendar (although certain email services already do that).

Total: 20/25! 

Not too shabby for a one-man show! If you want to find out more about RollRun and its founder, Ruairidh, visit

Follow RollRun @RollRunhq


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