LegalTech Marketing Done Right

I was checking my email for the 100th time today and came across an interesting email from Logikcull with an invoice #666666 in the subject line. Scared and curious at the same time, I opened it to a friendly message:


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.51.41 PM


My initial thought: WTF Andy?!???

Opened the PDF to find this:

e-discovery invoice_Page_1

Followed by this:

e-discovery invoice_Page_2

My response: Whew! followed by…  now that’s good marketing!

If you need some inspiration on how to capture a lawyer’s attention, learn from Logikcull and make us laugh, keep us informed, and get our attention. Nicely done!

For more info, visit

Legal stuff: Not an endorsement. Read my disclaimer here.

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