3 Reasons Logikcull Beats the Competition

Let’s face it.. there are a lot of e-discovery companies out there. It’s hard to know which one to use and to choose the right one for your business size. I’ll admit, some of it is over my head. So why am I talking about it? Because someone finally built something that even I can use and understand.

Who is this mysterious company that’s cracked the code? Logikcull of course.

Now I am biased. I met one of the founders and saw a demo at LegalTech New York, and thought they had a great product and team. So I had to do them the honor and tell all my friends, frenemies, family and followers about them.

I’ve talked about Logikcull a few times before, namely about their awesome marketing tactics and user-friendly site, but this time, I’ll focus on the product and the founders and how they beat the competition.

1. Logikcull is simple and easy to use

It’s 3 simple steps: Log in, drag and drop, and search away.

Yes, you literally drag and drop your documents (I uploaded 10,000 documents in a minute) and you wait a few seconds for the magic to happen. You can even upload your docs from Box and other cloud based services, which they plan on expanding as well.

It parses through all your documents and finds anything that’s privileged, identifies documents in other languages, OCRs those babies (makes them searchable), and groups and formats similar file types.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 8.59.37 AM

Searching through the documents and data is as easy as a keyword search. Type in anything that comes to mind (for fun) or an actual search term related to your case and watch the results appear on your screen.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.00.16 AM

Logikcull’s interface was designed from the phone out, so it’s available on all devices. They only collect basic signup and product usage data, so the product is highly secure. Their customers include Salesforce, City of Chicago, Veolia, Vinson & Elkins all of whom demand the highest levels of security.

2. Clear Pricing Plans

Logikcull offers flat-rate subscriptions ranging from low 4-figures/month (small customers) to mid 7-figures/year (big customers). When it comes to e-discovery, the bill is probably the scariest part. But, Logikcull has taken the fear out  and kept it simple and predictable. This sets them apart from their competitors.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.11.33 AM

Their biggest competitors are e-discovery vendors that still get away with nonsense like this. Essentially, they are competing with old school e-discovery software makers that don’t design software for the user and surprise them with an outrageous bill.

Logikcull’s Culling Intelligence Engine allows a single person to analyze and cull hundreds of thousands of documents in minutes. This reduces the cost of litigation from millions to thousands. 

3. They Built a One-Size-Fits-All Product

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.56.01 AM.png

Snapshot of Logik

Sheng Yang and Andy Wilson are the founders of Logikcull and have known each other since college (Virginia Tech). Sheng has a degree in Computer Engineering and Andy has a degree in Management Science. They both fell into legaltech in 2001 working at a litigation support provider. In 2004 they left to start Logik, the first version of Logikcull


The goal was to make discovery electronic. In 2008 Logik was the fastest growing legaltech company in the country landing #181 on the Inc 500. And then the recession hit. So they did what any rational person would do: they completely pivoted the company from services to SaaS (Software as a Service).

Andy and Sheng realized that discovery, a process intended to facilitate the free flow of information between parties, was a complete “mess” (not the word Andy used) and that it was clogging the justice system.

Discovery should be seamless, for everyone. So they set out to build the platform that would bring truth to the definition of discovery: freely flowing information. It took 4 years, over $25M in R&D, and tens of thousands of hours solving a million problems before we could bring the product to market.

The Logikcull team is now less than 100, but their customer base is huge. They have over 10,000 users and growing 20% month over month. They want to make discovery seamless, for everyone: solo practitioners, nonprofits, small firms, big firms, big companies, governments, etc. Logikcull works with corporate legal departments that are resource constrained and want to be more efficient and data-driven, law firms that want to modernize their discovery process, and Governments that are buried in FOIA and litigation work.

They aim to lead the market of Discovery Automation. Logikcull is already in 33 countries and on every continent except Antarctica and are well on their way to meeting their goal. 

Review Scale

So how did Logikcull rate on my Review Scale?

UX – Ease of Use

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 95 – So easy to use, a 5-year-old can use it

Just drag and drop and watch the magic happen.

4 – Good with minor improvements needed

3 – Needs some work

2 – Needs a lot of work

1 – I can’t use it

UI – Appearance

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9 5 – Looks amazing. Clean lines. Legible. Organized.

4 – Looks great. Minor corrections needed

3 – Needs some work, but functions well

2 – Needs a makeover

1 – Too messy. Makes it difficult to use and understand.

Frequency of Use by Intended Users

5 – I need this every day

4 – I use it most days

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9  3 – I use it as I need it

This can vary depending on the company / firm. 

2 – I’ll use it a few times this year

1 – I’ll never use it

Entertainment Value

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9  5 – Love it, can’t put it down. Tons of features.

Seeing the kinds of data I can dig up in my own documents is highly entertaining.. And scary.

4 – Keeps me interested most of the time. Has some good features.

3 – Not a whole lot to explore or keep me interested.

2 – I don’t hate it

1 – Yup, I hate it


5 – So disruptive, a lawsuit or angry publication is in your future

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9 4 – You solved a problem and made someone angry

The market is saturated with e-discovery company, but they definitely stand out.

3 – Solves a problem, but not groundbreaking

2 – There may be something to it, but not quite sure

1 – Doesn’t really stand out or solve any problems

TOTAL: 22/25!

That may be the highest score I’ve given to an e-discovery company! 

Follow Logikcull on their quest, and on Twitter: @Logikcull

Check out their site for more info: Logikcull.com


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Logikcull Beats the Competition

  1. Excellent review of a solid product in a growing class of eDiscovery offerings (eDiscovery Automation). Simplified eDiscovery Automation is changing the landscape of eDiscovery and fourth generation eDiscovery platforms like Logikcull, CloudNine, and Everlaw will be receiving many more positive mentions in the media and even more positive unpublished remarks from previously frustrated eDiscovery professionals who are benefiting from this new generation of offerings (http://bit.ly/4Gen-eDiscovery).


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