Litigators – CaseFleet has Built Software Just for You

It’s not often that I come across a tool that’s made just for litigators. CaseFleet has taken on that challenge and there is something to be said about companies that target specific users. It means the company knows it’s customers, knows their needs, and doesn’t try to create a general tool that tries to meet the needs of every type of user.

Lawyers’ practice areas are diverse and require specific needs. Creating a tool that tries to fit all their needs is not impossible, but you will likely end up with a weak product.You just can’t please everyone.

So, let’s talk about CaseFleet, the company that picked it’s target user, and developed a great product that meets their needs.

CaseFleet is litigation case management software that allows you to create timelines, keep track of dates and deadlines, track your billing and more.


Jeff Kerr, the CEO, gave me a demo and here are the key features:

  • Visual Litigation Schedule: You can view a month-to-month calendar and visualize overlapping events, deadlines, and tasks. You can see your depositions alongside the time you need to respond to a motion, and the time remaining for discovery.


You also get the list view for the calendar, which provides all of the same functionality as the chart view, but it’s handy when you’re working on a smartphone or tablet.


  • Timeline The timeline on CaseFleet is a brilliant feature. Outlining the facts of your case in a chronological order is a  useful tool. Knowing what happened and when can make or break your case. Not only can you create the timelines based on the facts, but you can upload all relevant documents to that specific event,  who your contacts are should you need to speak to them again, and specify what the issues are pertaining to that fact.


  • Deadlines: I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but you can set your own Statutes of Limitations for specific cases. Believe it or not, I have seen lawyers bring cases after the SOL has run simply because they did not pay attention to it. Don’t be that lawyer. CaseFleet lets you pay attention to details you might otherwise miss when you’re solely focusing on the issue.


  • Task Manager. Keep track of due dates, deadlines, and responsibilities. The Task Manager allows you to assign tasks to yourself and others, track due dates of tasks, get notified via email when a task is assigned to you and see tasks, events, and deadlines on the legal calendar above.


  • Integrations. This is always one of my favorite features: when software you already use works with your new tools. CaseFleet integrates with Box and Dropbox and all your stored documents are now accessible. You can upload files and link them to cases, expenses, leads, and more.
  • Settlements & Demands. You can even keep track of your settlement offers and demands, and track your negotiation.
  • Billing. Keep track of your time and billing all in one place.


So who is behind CaseFleet?

The founders of CaseFleet are Jeff Kerr, Hunter Clarke, and Greg Curtis.

Jeff Kerr is an attorney, litigator, and e-discovery expert, with a technology background, and experience running a successful litigation firm.

Hunter Clarke is a software developer with a concentration in backend web development, user experience, and working with external APIs.

Greg Curtis is a software developer with a concentration in front end web frameworks and user interface design.

The team is a perfect blend of legal, design and tech. Jeff Kerr knows exactly what features a litigator needs, and Hunter and Greg have the technical and design capabilities to build them.

Whey they built CaseFleet.

Jeff tried everything under the sun to make his litigation practice more efficient and to help himself and the rest of his team achieve total mastery in their litigation cases. He tried many types of e-discovery software, fact outlining software, and practice management software, and found them all to be inadequate – not just for his team, but for any team dedicated to being really effective in litigation.

He started building a prototype and turning it into a finished product quickly became his main interest. He always wanted the platform to be a complete solution for litigation firms. Too many apps rely on integrations, but CaseFleet’s philosophy is to build all the core functionality for litigation into their platform and only rely on integrations for non-essential functionality. This keeps things simple for the user, and it saves them a lot of time.

His goal is to give small teams of litigators and support staff the tools to topple giants.

Currently, Jeff has a team of 4 employees and 2 dedicated contractors, a very strong advisory board of people who also assist from time-to-time in daily operations.


CaseFleet’s target users are litigators in any-sized firm who want  to experience the benefits of fact management and sophisticated calendaring, or office managers in a small-to-mid-sized litigation practice

They attract their users by providing valuable content. CaseFleet continually has guest posts, speakers at conferences, write articles, detailed blog posts and share free resources. The content doesn’t try to convince people to use CaseFleet, but it’s simply helpful.

CaseFleet has users in various countries besides the United States, however they do not target specific regions. They simply get signups from across the globe.


How much does a membership cost?

They currently offer several membership tiers:

  • a “Cases Plan” for attorneys who only want litigation functionality
    • $24 per user per month when paid annually
    • $29 per user per month when paid monthly
  • a “Firm Plan” that includes both litigation and practice management functions
    • $44 per user per month when paid annually
    • $49 per user per month when paid monthly
  • an “Ultimate Plan” with enhanced onboarding additional training, and a complete data migration
    • $64 per user per month when paid annually
    • $69 per user per month when paid monthly


What is their biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is balancing simplicity and power, intuitiveness and rich features. They strive to develop advanced functionality while remaining very easy to use, but that is always a challenge.

Is it currently available on all devices?

Yes, CaseFleet is available on any device with a web browser. We plan to release native iOS and Android applications soon, but, in the meantime, our app is responsive and works very well on mobile devices.

Is it secure?

CaseFleet is highly secure. They encrypt data at rest and in transit, every line of code they write is reviewed for security considerations, and they offer cutting-edge security controls such as two-factor authentication.

What does the future look like?

CaseFleet plans to release an e-discovery product that will be integrated with their existing products. They also plan to remain highly responsive to the needs of their users and to continue developing functionality that helps users serve their clients and run more profitable businesses.

What about the competition?

CaseFleet sees practice management / case management software as their competitors. However, their products are very different from CaseFleet, so in a sense, they are not direct competitors.

The Timelines feature is very unique, and they are not aware of any practice management or case management applications that include anything similar. The same goes for their unique calendaring and collaboration features.


How did CaseFleet fare on my rating scale?

UX – Ease of Use

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9  5 – So easy to use, a 5-year-old can use it

4 – Good with minor improvements needed

3 – Needs some work

2 – Needs a lot of work

1 – I can’t use it

UI – Appearance

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9  5 – This looks amazing. Clean lines. Legible. Organized.

4 – Looks great. Minor corrections needed

3 – Needs some work, but functions well

2 – Needs a makeover

1 – Too messy. Makes it difficult to use and understand.

Frequency of Use by Intended Users

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9  5 – I need this every day

4 – I use it most days

3 – I use it as I need it

2 – I’ll use it a few times this year

1 – I’ll never use it

Depending on the size of your business or the number of lawyers in your business, you could easily use this every day. 

Entertainment Value

5 – Love it, can’t put it down. Tons of features.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9  4 – Keeps me interested most of the time. Has some good features.

3 – Not a whole lot to explore or keep me interested.

2 – I don’t hate it

1 – Yup, I hate it

While CaseFleet doesn’t have tons of features, it has everything you need to run a more effective and efficient litigation practice. Their focus seems to be quality, not quantity, and they do it just right.


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9  5 – So disruptive, a lawsuit or angry publication is in your future

4 – You solved a problem and made someone angry

3 – Solves a problem, but not groundbreaking

2 – There may be something to it, but not quite sure

1 – Doesn’t really stand out or solve any problems

Because they don’t appear to have any competitors (I actually don’t know of any other tools made just for litigators), this is highly disruptive. 

Total 24/25

Well done CaseFleet!


For more information, visit their site.

Follow them @casefleet