5 Unique Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

Have you ever taken some time to relax, started binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix and thought, ” hmm what are some creative ways to market my law firm? ” No? Just me? Ok… well I came up with a few ideas for you.

I. Set up a Pop-up Shop

A pop-up shop is a retail space that you can set up on a temporary basis to promote either a seasonal product. Popup shops are usually used for apparel and toy industries, but there’s no reason you can’t “borrow” their idea and test it out in the legal market.

It may take some research and work to test this concept, but a company in Canada actually set up 8 law offices inside a store. Check them out here. But you don’t need a whole retail space to make this happen. A simple booth will do. A pop-up shop is a good way to test out the concept, to distinguish yourself, and to gain some new clients.

There are several online recommendations on how to open a pop-up shop (here’s one), but it’s a unique opportunity, that if done right, can get you new clients and distinguish your firm.

II. Participate in Local Events

Is there a race in your town, craft fair, or a farmers market? Set up a booth and let people know about your practice. The goal is to show that you’re a part of the community and you’re there to help. I see several small firms in my neighborhood and know them by their  shingles, but I have never seen a single lawyer come out of those buildings or engage with the community. Some of them simply say “Law Office.” Not exactly inviting. By engaging with the community, you are letting everyone know you’re in the neighborhood if they need your help and you’re more than just another “law office.”

Since I’m in San Francisco, we have several “wine walks” throughout the city where local wineries bring their wines to local business and you can go “wine tasting” to those businesses to learn about them and of course try out the wine. It’s a great way to visit businesses you may have overlooked in your neighborhood, and that “law office” could have been one of them.

III. Partner up with Other Organizations and Businesses

Law school never taught us to be “collaborative,” so it’s not always top of mind for us to partner up with other organizations or businesses. I am not talking about partnering up on cases with other law firm. I am talking about hosting events with non-law firms and marketing both of your businesses. Of course be mindful of splitting fees and partnering up with a non-law firm so you don’t break any rules of professional conduct, but this is easy to avoid.

A good opportunity would be partnering up with the Small Business Association in your town/city and let businesses and your community know you are there for them.

IV. Collaborate with Legal Tech Companies

Of course there’s a legal tech component to this post. Partner up with your legal practice management service provider. You can participate in their promotional events and conferences (think the Clio Cloud Conference). It will show you’re progressive, show off your awesome tech skills, and give you additional exposure to potential clients.

Also, it gives you a chance to work with the company to improve their products. I recently posted a blog about what legal tech companies need to do to build great products, and collaborating with lawyers was one of my stronger recommendations.

V. Use Your Hobbies and Interests to your Advantage

My hobby is technology. Big surprise. It’s not just learning about new gadgets, it’s learning about how to build great products, how to market them, design them, and the people and personalities it takes to do so. So.. I attend a lot of tech meetups.

In doing so, I meet a lot of people I would not otherwise meet at work or through my close circle of friends. The best part about attending events that interest you is that you’re not there to promote your legal services, but it happens anyway. The first question anyone ever asks me is “what do you do?” As soon as the words “I’m a lawyer” come out of my mouth, they have a legal question for me. Startups always need lawyers.

You may not attend tech events, but maybe you love running, basketball, volleyball, painting, music. Whatever the case may be, get involved in a group that lets you not only get out of the legal world for a while and meet some great people with whom you share interests, but use it as an opportunity to market your business without even trying.

If you’ve done something innovative to market your firm, email me and let me know: disruptlegal@gmail.com