3 Tools for Family Law Attorneys – Guest Post by Stephanie Greenberg

Guest post by Stephanie Greenberg

As a Family Law Attorney and a not-so-tech-savvy person, I resisted the movement towards technology usage in small law firms.  However, now that I’ve jumped on board I can say that I’m glad I did it and won’t look back.

Three Products that I Use and Love:

  • Clio: Clio is a web based client management system that tracks billing (the most important function, of course), stores client information, provides a calendar with task lists, and allows you to run reports illustrating how much you have billed, collected, and more. Clio has really been my go-to product and is a life-saver.  I used to manually create bills in Excel or ran them through Quickbooks.  However, Clio makes the process much more seamless and even allows clients to pay their bills directly through a link.
  • Dropbox: Yes, I’m still a user of Dropbox and yes, I love it. Dropbox makes accessing client files and documents super easy.  I can leave my computer at work, hop on my computer at home, and simply open documents from the Dropbox icon.  Of course I have run out of free space but paying for extra space is very inexpensive – around $10 per month.  Since Dropbox is also an app, if I forget a document in my office and find that I need to pull information in the courtroom, I can easily do it from my phone.
  • Insightly: Insightly, like Clio, is also a client management software. However, Insightly contains functions that Clio does not and vice versa.  Insightly stores all of my contacts information and allows me to add them to a mailing list or assign tasks to a contact with the click of a button.  At my law firm, we regularly send out newsletters. Insightly links to Mail Chimp (our newsletter software) and allows me to easily add contacts to the newsletter each time I add them to Insightly.

As a busy attorney I really don’t have much time to learn new technology or experiment.  However, these three products have really simplified many of the administrative tasks I have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Stephanie is now a Partner at the boutique Family Law Firm of Greenstephaniegreenbergberg & Sinkovits, LLC. Stephanie has successfully settled and litigated complex Family Law cases involving high value assets, allocation (custody) disputes, child support issues, and more.  Stephanie was selected as a 2017 Super Lawyer Rising Star – an honor only 2.5% of attorneys in Illinois receive.

In her free time, Stephanie is a mentor and tutor to children at the Off the Street Club organization.  She is the President of The John Marshall Law School Young Alumni Board and is on The John Marshall Law School Alumni Board of Directors.  She also serves on the Law Practice Management Committee of the Illinois State Bar Association.  Stephanie has a certification from Northwestern University in Divorce Mediation and is on the list of Court approved child representatives. 

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