6 Awesome Legal Tools Lawyers and Law Students Can Use

IP Lawyers


As an in-house lawyer, I wore many.. many.. many hats. One of them was that of an IP attorney. Part of my role was to manage the company’s IP. Now don’t judge me, but I did not use any legal tech software for this. I used, ahem, Excel. When I realized it was getting out of hand, I started looking for alternatives.

Now I discovered Alt Legal too late. I had about 5 demos lined up with other companies (that will not be named) that just did not meet my needs. The tools were clunky, too complicated to manage, pricy and didn’t have the basic features I was looking for. Alt Legal has them all. Here are the features:

  1. Docketing and monitoring IP instantly
  2. Easier and faster IP intake
  3. Finalizing USPTO filings in minutes

Alt Legal’s intuitive cloud-based software makes it easy to prepare and manage intellectual property. Their software is trusted by IP boutiques, Am Law 200 firms, and in-house legal departments to handle thousands of filings every day. Alt Legal automatically updates case statuses and deadlines, seamlessly collects key client details, and instantly generates IP filings.

Solos to Mid-Sized Firms


Remember that shocking statistic that for every 8 hours a lawyer works, only 1.4 of them get paid. More than 80% of your work time is unpaid! Well, here’s one tool that can change that: LeanLaw.

The goal of LeanLaw is for an attorney to be able to complete the entire timekeeping and billing workflow quickly and with minimal or no assistance.

LeanLaw offers:
-matter set-up
-time entry and review
-draft invoice review
-invoice delivery
-accounting integration including trust accounting

Best of all, LeanLaw integrates deeply into Quickbooks Online to create smooth workflows across all seven touch points.

All Lawyers


Sick of having to go to court to file documents? I feel ya. Well, One Legal lets you do it from your desk for an affordable price. One Legal provides e-Filing, service of process and document retrieval.

One Legal’s mission is to help their customers succeed. They provide easy to use solutions, premium customer support and in-depth knowledge of the courts. With a 25 year proven track record, they deliver accurate and on-time services that save our customers time, while reducing risk.

Mid-Sized Firms


Remember that person who emailed you about possibly retaining you a week ago? No? Well, most of us tend to forget our leads, and that is a wasted opportunity that Law Ruler can help with.

Law Ruler is an intake tool that helps you nurture relationships with leads/referrals that aren’t ready to buy. They do this through providing automated tools to contact your leads through texts (which is the preferred method of communication these days) and through emails. They make it easy for you to personalize your responses, allow your clients to complete intake forms with links in their texts, or call you right back.

Law Ruler also provides insights into where your leads are coming from (social media, ads, web site, etc.) so you can invest your time and money into the right sources. All this is done at a reasonable price. Law Ruler is for firms that have 25 or more leads at any given time that they’re trying to turn into clients. When you have a high volume, automation can be a life saver.

On average, only 20% of leads/referrals are sales-ready when they first come in. This means you need a disciplined process – known as “lead nurturing” – to develop qualified leads until they are sales-ready. If done well, nurturing can result in up to 50% more leads converted to signed cases at 33% lower cost per lead. Law Ruler features include:

  1. Client Relationship Management / Contact Management
  2. Email Newsletter & Drip Marketing
  3. Text Message Drip Marketing & Notifications
  4. Phone / Call Tracking
  5. Referral Management
  6. E-Signatures

Bankruptcy Lawyers


Truth be told, I’ve only done a few bankruptcy cases, but that was enough for me to know that the intake process can be a pain. Enter NextChapter: the Turbotax for Bankruptcy Attorneys.

NextChapter’s CEO, Janine Sickmeyer, spent eight years in the bankruptcy field and her days and nights preparing bankruptcies for attorneys and their clients as a virtual paralegal. As Janine crunched numbers and entered piles of bills two, three and four times she knew that there had to be a better way.

In 2008, Janine began writing notes on napkins of the ideal bankruptcy software with the thought of someday becoming the first fully web-based solution. After teaching herself how to code (props!), talking to attorneys across the nation and building a team of skilled developers, Janine’s vision for NextChapter was created.

Bankruptcy attorneys, eliminate all that extra work, and use software developed by someone who’s been in your shoes!

Law Students

transparentDo Good, Test Well. That’s their motto. Esqyr is the first and only public benefit corporation devoted to providing credible, affordable test prep.

Besides reducing the cost of preparing for an exam, Esqyr also gives back at least 20% of our profits to tackle student debt. That includes donating a significant number of accounts sold to institutions (targeted at those who face the most challenges with student debt) as well as donating 15% of profits to organizations working to reform higher education.

Esqyr is launching with affordable study tools for the bar exam, using NCBE-licensed materials. As we expand to serve more fields, they will balance our bottom line with a social mission to help students do good and test well.


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