Mary Redzic is a PMM for MerusCase


meruscase-full-logo-largeI have been an attorney for 6 years, and I have been blogging and speaking about legal tech for 2 of them. My obsession with legal tech began the day I needed contract management software and my search for the perfect solution ended on a somber note.

After countless demos, days of research and emails with providers, I decided to start blogging about the legal tech solutions that are (or are not) available for attorneys. I noticed that after a while, every CLE event I attended was related to legal tech, my nights were preoccupied with coming up with blogging ideas and searching for the next big thing in legal tech I can write about.

It became clear to me that I no longer wanted to practice law full time. I wanted to help other attorneys practice law in a more efficient manner and share my knowledge, experience and new connections. So, I went on a mission to find a role where I can work with a legal tech company that developed a great product that provides value to their users.

One of my all-time favorite products from day one was MerusCase, a law practice management solution for lawyers. I gave them one of the highest scores on my blog (which is not easy to get). I actually don’t even blog about companies that are not providing any value to attorneys. MerusCase not only provides value, but they have an amazing tool to do it.

A year later, I found myself at an interview with MerusCase. I wanted to work with them and use my experience as a lawyer and proponent of legal tech to take their product to the next level. I officially joined the team as a Product Marketing Manager on November 1, and look forward to working with an amazing team.

So what does this mean for Disrupt.Legal? Not much actually. I will continue blogging about legal technology and reviewing other products. I will however avoid reviewing law practice management software simply to avoid conflict of interest. Everything else is fair game and I look forward to seeing a lot of new companies take the practice of law to a new level and improve the lives of lawyers and their clients alike.

If you have any questions about my new role or MerusCase, feel free to DM me on Twitter, add me on LinkedIn or email me


Mary Redzic