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logoWhen it comes to setting up companies, and finding registered agents in other states, even lawyers don’t want to deal with the details and burden of doing all the paperwork. We just want it done and taken care of, and whatever company we use, we want to make sure it does the job well.

Well, I have used a certain company, that shall not be named, and paid a lot of money to miss paying my taxes and not really getting any value out of the registered agent services. However, I recently came across Legalinc, and I’m in love.

Now I’m not using Legalinc yet, but I will be in the next few weeks because they are transparent, have a lot of great features, and are quite frankly a lot more affordable (think 1/4th of the price) of what I’m paying now.

So what is Legalinc and what services and features do they offer that the competition just can’t beat?

Amazing UI

You know those products that are just intuitive and easy to use, and you’re actually excited to use them because they are so straight forward and the answer to all your problems? Well, that’s Legalinc.

Now I am biased because I have been using a clunky tool that has set me back many dollars and killed a lot of trees with their paper invoices trying to keep me compliant, yet never quite manages to do it right or on time. So seeing their UI and Legalinc’s transparency was a dream come true. See for yourself below:


5-Minute Business Formations

Once you click on “Form a Company” on the Dashboard, the UI continues to impress. Straight forward, easy and the most transparent pricing I’ve seen. See what your services will cost you ahead of time and never get surprised by your paper invoice again. And as the name suggests, it’s quick and easy.


Registered Agent – Offices in all 50 States

Need a registered agent? Don’t search for one online again! Also, don’t pay exorbitant fees from other companies that send you paper invoices (I can’t get over that). See your extremely low fees and get an agent in any of the 50 states online in a matter of minutes.


Storing Documents

Want to store your filings and associated documents online so it’s all in one place? Now you can. No more trying to figure out where everything is. Now it’s all stored for you in your Legalinc platform, and you can even make amendments to your filings online (see below) which will automatically be stored for you.


Amendments & More!

Need to make an amendment or dissolve your company? Now you can do it all in one place. No more going to each Secretary of State’s website, looking for the right form and trying to understand their procedures. Legalinc does it all for you.



When you’re setting up a company and trying to manage all the compliance requirements,  pay your taxes on time and make sure you have a registered agent in the state, transparency in pricing and procedure is important.

Knowing what you need to file, when to file it, and when and how much to pay are key components of maintaining your business entity. The best part (aside from its UI and features) of Legalinc is its transparency. You know exactly what to do to comply with all the requirements (see Compliance Center feature below), and exactly how much you have to pay. And you can pay it all online!


Compliance Center

The compliance center is exactly that: the place to check whether or not you have any compliance requirements coming up. Best of all, you don’t even have to remember to check for it. You’ll receive a notification when something is due so you never miss a deadline. It’s all in one place for you to check off your list.


Subscription Costs

Subscriptions to Legalinc cost $99 per entity.

The Founder

We know the product is great, but the founder is just as impressive. Erik Treutlein is the founder and CEO of Legalinc. He is an industry veteran with a proven track record growing legal service and SaaS businesses from ideation to multi-million dollar businesses. His background includes executive management experience in strategic planning, execution of growth strategies, building revenue streams, product development, sales, and building the teams. Erik has a passion for growing people, technology innovation, creating collaborative environments and leveraging technology to build products that solve complex problems. He now manages 12 employees at Legalinc.

Erik came up with the idea of Legalinc when he saw the high costs associated with performing these services, and the number of firms still relying on manual processes tied with the legacy incumbent companies. He was drawn to building automated technology that drives real change in the industry.

His goal is to help law firms and small business service providers take the minutiae out of providing Legal Services, so they can focus on their client needs.


When it comes to security, Erik’s got you covered. All applications are built with a 12 Factor Application Principles All services are hosted on highly available redundant servers offering 99.95% uptime. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit with regular security scans and constant monitoring.  Only PCI and HIPAA compliant vendors are used. Data is backed up to cloud storage and off cloud backups following the 3-2-1 principle, and only select staff required to manage hardware have access to data and data systems and must go through an ITIL change management process.

Assessing the Competition

LegalInc’s biggest competitors are CT & CSC. However, LegalInc beats the competition not only with their competitive pricing but the API-driven technology. LegalInc is a product, not a service. They also offer white label service capabilities for partners, communications and pricing flexibilities for their clients.


Legalinc integrates with Clio and other online legal service tech. Compliance just got even easier.

Rating Scale

Now, onto my favorite part! The rating scale. Let’s see how Legalinc did.


Despite not being a product you would use every single day because it’s simply not necessary (unless you have major compliance issues), this product is amazing and necessary for anyone who has or needs to set up a company and wants to stay on top of it.

While I don’t see a lawsuit or angry publication in their future, I do see a greater market share. Great job Legalinc!

To learn more, visit their site:

Follow them on Twitter: @LegalincCS