#LegalWeek17 – A Review

I was lucky enough to attend the LegalWeek Show this year, courtesy of my company, MerusCase. The new and improved LegalWeek is intense. It no longer bears the resemblance of just an e-discovery show, which is what it was once known for.

Now it’s an all-inclusive tech show for any area of legal tech and beyond: from analytics, recruiting, PR, e-discovery, to the cloud and AI. You’ll see the usual suspects and a lot of newcomers (stay tuned for new reviews!)

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With three floors of companies trying to get your attention and CLE sessions running all day, it’s hard to follow the agenda and attend all, or any of the sessions for that matter. I even had to miss the Keynote by Andrew McAfee. I told myself I would be more prepared for day 2, but there was so much to see, so many great people and founders to meet, I was only able to attend 3 sessions total.

Regardless of being overwhelming, LegalWeek is worth attending. Aside from learning about new vendors, LegalWeek offers relevant and useful content and CLEs for lawyers in all sectors and of all sizes. Even though the event exceeded my expectations last year, they really stepped up their game and even invited other organizations to join in on the fun, offering programs for women in the legal profession and small firms, like those hosted by Evolve Law.

The topics range from alternative fee arrangements, multi-generational work settings, creating content and marketing, to e-discovery and future technologies and their impact on the industry.

Some of the sessions I and my co-worker attended include:

  1. Legal Technology Innovation: Change Fixes the Past; Transformation Creates the Future
  2. Ready or Not, Here They Come (and Go!): Preparing for the Generational Shift
  3. 3 Situations, 2 Lawyers, 1 Corporation: Using Relativity in a Data Breach, an Investigation & Litigation
  4. Embracing Alternative Fee Arrangements: Applying Data Analytics to Move Beyond the Billable Hour (summary coming soon!)
  5. Carpe Tata: Collecting Winning Data That Your Firm Throws Away – Lessons from Standard Oil, Uber and More (summary coming soon!)

We were only able to attend these sessions due to numerous meetings and exploring the exhibit halls. On Wednesday alone, we had the option of attending 46 different sessions. Like I said, it’s intense, but comforting to know that there’s something for every legal professional.

All in all, the show, once again, exceeded my expectations. Up next, Legal Week West Coast!