The Timer Every Lawyer Needs

When I first heard about the Time by Ping app, I was skeptical. Can it really be that powerful or more powerful than what I have already seen? Well, when the founders Ryan Alshak and Kourosh Zamanizadeh described it, I was impressed. When I saw the demo, I was blown away.

What makes Ping a powerful app is that Ryan, the CEO, is a recovering lawyer. Yes, there are plenty of apps built by non-lawyers that are simply amazing, but the reason this tool is great is because it solves the problem lawyers have a tough time explaining: capturing every billable hour. We are still fond of this method of billing, and it’s still prevalent in the industry; however, as any lawyer will tell you, and as Ryan understands, the hardest part is keeping track of every minute of every day and finding the time to do so.

The billable hour, despite all the talk of alternative fee arrangement, is here to stay. Also, to get to the point of having precise alternative fee arrangements, we need data. To get data, we need accurate timekeeping. That’s where Time by Ping comes in.

A recent report indicates that lawyers bill 1.2 hours of every 8 hours they work. That is a lot of time wasted. Just think about it. If you bill just 2.4 hours, or double the average rate, you can literally double your income. What a difference an hour+ can make!

Using Ping can potentially get you there! Check out the features below to see why I’m so impressed and how Ping can help you track more of your time!

Integration With the Most Common Tools

Ping tracks every activity for you and records it in a separate dashboard so you don’t have to write down or track your activities manually. It integrates with every tool lawyers already use, so you simply have to open your Microsoft Word and start typing away. The timer is on top of your word document, and you can simply enter the description of the document you’re working on and the clock begins ticking. Mind.. blown.


The same goes for Outlook, except it’s invisible to the naked eye. Rest assured, that email you just drafted for your client is being tracked for you and automatically entered into the platform. See examples below.


Automatic Ties to Clients

The app also ties every entry to a particular client. You no longer have to write down the task, the time, and the client’s name and have your paralegal enter the time into your timekeeping software for you. It’s all done for you.


Complete Summary

At the end of the day, you can see a complete summary of all your billables by category, and even choose a date range to check your billing rates.




Reminder by Ping

I heard something surprising at the CIO Summit at Legal Tech New York: that some attorneys deliberately wait until the last minute to enter their time, to essentially make it seem like they are within the client’s budget.

This is honestly disappointing, and disadvantageous for both the firm and the client. Keeping track of your time, and knowing in real-time whether you’re on budget is critical to the firm and client. With Ping, it’s no longer possible to mess around. Ping sends daily reminders to log your time so you never forget or neglect to enter it.

Available on Most Devices

My favorite part, besides the integration with Word, is that it’s available on iOS. Not only will this encourage lawyers to ditch the Blackberry (sorry, had to say it), but it makes it nearly impossible to miss a billable hour. You can easily track your time even when you’re on the go!

Beautiful and Simple Design

About a year ago, I conducted a survey on what was most important to lawyers when deciding whether or not to invest in software. The number one requirement was “ease of use.” And I can tell you, it does not get easier than Ping!

It is simple, intuitive, and beautifully crafted. This is essential for every lawyer, regardless of the size of your practice. If there is one thing you have to invest in, it’s a timer that works with you and helps you bill more. Simple as that.

The Founders

Ryan Alshak is a recovering lawyer and the CEO  of Time by Ping. He and his best friend from college, an MBA, currently enrolled at the Haas School of Business, and the COO of Ping, Kourosh Zamanizadeh built Ping when Ryan noticed how much time he was wasting (think 2 months of his life) entering his billable hours. They decided to find a better way!

With Ryan’s legal experience and understanding of the struggles lawyers face on a daily basis, and Kourosh’s business and strategic thinking, this product is sure to be a success. Get early access here.

The Rating Scale

Ah, my favorite part. The rating scale. So how did Ping do? Scroll down to find out!


Needless to say, I think they did an amazing job! Now stop wasting time, and sign up!

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