5 Ways Lawyers Can Use Data to Improve Their Services

Quantifying legal work is not easy, but there are ways to use your billable hours, your web site traffic and emails to improve your efficiency and effectiveness. You can work 100 hours a week, and barely make minimum wage, or you can work 20 hours a week and meet all your obligations. keep your clients … More 5 Ways Lawyers Can Use Data to Improve Their Services

E-Discovery Primer for Lawyers

E-discovery is “Electronic Discovery” and the use of technology to obtain electronically stored information (or “ESI”) in the course of litigation. It is a cost-saving method of using sophisticated software that helps sift through ESI, including documents, emails, messages, and related content. The software allows users to use terms or “keywords” like you would in … More E-Discovery Primer for Lawyers

Results are in!

So what makes lawyers want to buy legal software? Well 30 lawyers have spoken: For those who chose “Other,” their reasons varied: So there ya have it. The #1 reason lawyers would purchase legal software is the “ease of use” and secondly, multiple capabilities. Legal startups, take note! 😉

SupportPay: A Legal Startup Review

SupportPay So far, I’ve written reviews on two startups that are helping make lawyers’ lives easier. I’m switching my focus to the clients now and I have recruited the help of my friend and amazing family law attorney based in Chicago, Stephanie Greenberg of Greenberg & Sinkovits (http://www.gsillinoislaw.com/). If you’re a family law attorney, which … More SupportPay: A Legal Startup Review